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B&H Electric Is Closed

We have closed B&H Electric in Orange Park and I am now semi-retired, working from home in Palatka, Florida. There I will continue to serve the Electrical Rebuilder's Association as editor of their trade newspaper - The Exchange and answer the ERA's Technical Help Line.

I still have an inventory of both rebuilt and new alternators and starters to liquidate. Everything that is left on the shelf is discounted at least 50%. If I can help you, please feel free to email me. I am no longer tied to a phone, so you cannot call me, but I will reply to all emails.

I also have Model A alternators in stock that can be purchased directly from this website.

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"Serving Florida's First Coast since 1980"

Model A Alternator B&H Proudly Introduces
“Absolutely the Best”
Model A Ford Alternator
  • 6 Volt - Positive ground: Part # BHP-6B
  • 12 volt - Negative ground:Part # BHP-2B
  • Low turn on speed—300 RPM at alternator
  • Will charge at idle with generator-size pulley
  • 20 amps and 7 volts at 500 alternator RPM
  • Up to 40 amps and 6.8 volts at 800 alternator RPM
  • Compact size and weight—comparable to a generator
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